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The people behind your people; improving psychological safety, minimising psychosocial risk and cultivating high performance teams.

Empathy is the cornerstone value at HumanEx, our team is dedicated to encouraging authentic and vulnerable conversations that overtime and with trust, breakdown mental health stigma and enhances our interpersonal communication and relationships.

We research, collaborate, design and deliver emotional intelligence based training and progressive mental health strategies that teach early intervention techniques and ongoing practical skills, while recognising and embracing diversity and intersectionality.

HumanEx – Connection, Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing and Performance.


Meet our friendly & experienced team

Our highly experienced and skilled team of executives, facilitator’s and HR professionals are committed to helping organisations achieve success through improving culture and strategy.


People and Culture Specialist
Professional Business Coach
MHFA Instructor

Mental Health Advocate
Neurodiversity Specialist
MHFA Instructor


MHFA Instructor
Business Coach


MHFA Instructor
Business Coach


MHFA Instructor
Behavioural Specialist
Neurolinguistic Practitioner


Head of Customer Experience
Certified Mental Health First Aider


Leadership Coach
MHFA Instructor
HBDI Certified Practitioner


Professional ICF Coach
Neurodiversity Specialist        MHFA UK Instructor


Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
Registered Nurse


MHFA Instructor
Lived Experience Contributor    Facilitator


Trainer & Facilitator
Occupational Health and Safety Nurse


Mindfulness Coach
Leadership Development Specialist & Facilitator


Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga Coach Facilitator

The HumanEx Story

“We have decades of combined lived experience and we’ve walked the path with many others around us who we love and respect. We’ve carried the weight of mental ill health and stigma on our own backs and for others who we care about. Some of the journeys have been devastating, others have been inspiring, all of them have granted us insight, compassion and determination”. 

Lindsey and Kate met and worked collaboratively across different business structures in the years prior to Covid-19. During the first wave of the pandemic they saw first-hand how devastating poor mental health could be for both employees and organisations, especially in uncertain and volatile conditions.

For their own mental health, and those around them, Kate and Lindsey both changed their professional trajectory and set up businesses to address what they believed was a radical need for ill mental health prevention and early intervention initiatives in Aotearoa.

After reconnecting in the first ‘out of lockdown’ period, Lindsey and Kate shared their ambitions for achieving positive and impactful change. They focussed on mutual values and purpose, and evaluated a collective impact model that quickly guided the easy alignment of business initiatives.

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“As a team we are venturing into spaces that others fear to tread; encouraging authentic and vulnerable conversations, breaking down stigma, building confidence through applied intervention skills; and working towards the colossal goal of improving the mental wellbeing of New Zealanders at an intergenerational level, let’s get on with it”.

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