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Empower leaders and teams to create a safe environment where everyone can thrive, collaborate, and contribute.

Dynamic and knowledgeable keynote speakers that enhance your event and promote an empathetic and informed approach to workplace wellbeing.

Every HumanEx speaker is an experienced professional with a distinctive perspective on mental health and wellbeing. Our Keynote sessions offer a diverse range of insights and strategies to inspire positive change within your organisation; from compelling storytelling to practical tips, we create a dynamic and engaging experience for your audience.

Whether it’s a team building event, your annual conference or townhall webinar, our specialist speakers are carefully chosen to align with the specific needs and goals of your audience.

By engaging with HumanEx, you can bring a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker to your next corporate event, seminar, or workshop.

Let’s work together to promote informed and positive mental health storytelling in the workplace.

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Need Tailored Content or Media?

At HumanEx, we prioritise high-quality, research-driven content tailored to enhance organisational well-being and mental health. Here’s how we ensure excellence:

Research-Driven Insights

We start with in-depth research into the latest in workplace well-being and mental health, ensuring our content is both informative and scientifically valid.

Collaborative Development

We work directly with your team to understand your unique needs and align our content with your organisational goals, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Expert Review

Our content undergoes rigorous review by our team of experts to maintain accuracy and clarity, ensuring it is evidence-based and easy to understand.

HumanEx delivers content that not only meets but exceeds organisational expectations in improving workplace well-being and mental health.

Workplace Wellbeing Challenges

$13.6 billion a year is the economic cost to New Zealand
of mental ill-health.
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*Economics NZ Cost Benefit Analysis Report Nov 2022

Almost one in two New Zealanders (47%) will experience mental distress or mental illness in their lifetime.
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*Mental distress prejudice and discrimination in Aotearoa Key statistics 2022

Empower your workforce through engaging and interactive storytelling and keynote sessions that promote understanding, empathy, and resilience.