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Empower leaders and teams to create a safe environment where everyone can thrive, collaborate, and contribute.

We design and deliver impactful workshops and on-site interventions that are relevant to organisational policy and processes.

A culture of wellbeing health and safety is integral to a thriving and productive work environment. Leaders and mangers that prioritise this not only cultivate a positive workplace culture but also promote employee safety, well-being, creativity, and innovation.

Our people leader and Manager training programmes are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to minimise psychosocial risk, foster psychological safety, enhance leadership capabilities, and drive organisational success.

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Offerings for People Leaders & Managers

Embark on a transformative journey with our 12-Month Leadership Development Programme, tailored to empower leaders in navigating the complexities of today’s fast-paced work environment. Elevate your leadership capabilities by mastering essential skills across six groundbreaking modules, each aimed at enhancing mental health, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and the ability to lead through change with confidence and resilience. Click here to find out more.

Join us on a year-long exploration designed to empower your team with the skills to navigate the complexities of mental health, resilience, and communication within the workplace. Our carefully structured Team Development Programme delves into critical aspects of workplace well-being through six key sessions, each tailored to strengthen your team’s mental agility, foster open communication, and support each other in challenging times.

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1. Mental Health Awareness

2. Mental Health at Work

3. Courageous Conversations

4. Stress and Burnout

5. Mental Agility and Resilience

6. Reframe Your Brain

7. Mental Health for Leaders

8. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

9. Psychological Safety and Team Performance

10. Psychosocial Safety Climate

11. Bridge Coaching for Wellbeing

12. Leading through Change and Uncertainty

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AMP is a 12-month programme that develops the core management skills of your leaders. It drives better results and creates sustained change because leaders unlock the master skill – learning how to learn. Right from the outset participants are introduced to the most important concept: the difference between active and reactive management. As they develop greater awareness, they feel more confident and demonstrate improved skills.

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Applying a mental health and psychological safety lens to People, Culture and Human Resources. In today’s dynamic and uncertain work environment, applying a mental health lens to People, Culture, and HR functions is crucial to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and thriving workplace. By prioritising mental health across these areas, organisations can create an atmosphere where employees feel valued, understood, and empowered to focus on their own well-being.


• Enhanced Productivity

• Improved Employee Well-being

• Improved Mental Fitness and Agility

• Better Decision-Making

• Talent Retention

• Conflict Resolution

• Organisational Resilience

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Inspired by the successful physical first aid model, the now global programme was developed in Australia in 2000. It is grounded in expert consensus of industry professionals and people with lived experience of mental health problems. The learning outcomes are a vital skillset for anyone in a leadership position, particularly where prevention and early intervention is paramount to success.

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Resilient leaders can better navigate challenges and setbacks. We provide 1:1 coaching sessions with skilled coaches from executive, business and clinical backgrounds to help leaders better understand their own psychological journey and their teams mental health. Sessions aim to improve distress tolerance, better manage stress, and provide tools for implementing change with a focus on people. These skills contribute to a supportive atmosphere where individuals can flourish even in challenging situations.

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Lead with heart, act with care. Every conversation about wellbeing strengthens team connection. Act now to foster a thriving, supportive environment and make a lasting impact.

Workplace Wellbeing Challenges

is the average salary range of managers who report feeling the most unhappy at work as they are responsible for teams.
$100 - 0 k

*Workforce Institute @UKG: 2023 Mental Health at Work: Managers and Money 2023

of employees thought that frontline leaders in their organisations had the skills and capabilities to lead for wellbeing, representing a significant skills and capability gap.
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*ROW 2023 State of Workplace Wellbeing Report

People who lack work-life balance are nearly 3x more likely than their peers to identify as “coasting” or “checked out” at work for those who lack work/life balance
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*Workforce Institute @UKG: 2023 Mental Health at Work: Managers and Money 2023

Invest in future success, empower leaders and teams to create an environment where everyone can thrive, collaborate, and contribute to achieve shared goals.