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Dedicated to equipping individuals, organisations, and communities with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to foster a culture of mental wellbeing, empathy, and support.

With a commitment to erasing stigma and promoting understanding, HumanEx is your partner in advancing mental health literacy and developing people centric interventions.

We have a foundation suite of 90 minute to 3 hour workshops that are modular by design.

We also work alongside our partners to develop bespoke inhouse training programmes that cover basic mental health literacy through to advanced topics like distress tolerance, resilience and stress management, providing practical insights and strategies for all levels.

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Services for Teams, Groups & Individuals

Join us on a year-long exploration designed to empower your team with the skills to navigate the complexities of mental health, resilience, and communication within the workplace. Our carefully structured Team Development Programme delves into critical aspects of workplace well-being through six key sessions, each tailored to strengthen your team’s mental agility, foster open communication, and support each other in challenging times.

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1. Mental Health Awareness

2. Mental Health at Work

3. Courageous Conversations

4. Stress and Burnout

5. Mental Agility and Resilience

6. Reframe Your Brain

7. Mental Health for Leaders

8. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

9. Psychological Safety and Team Performance

10. Psychosocial Safety Climate

11. Bridge Coaching for Wellbeing

12. Leading through Change and Uncertainty

More About Short Course Programmes

AMP is a 12-month programme that develops the core management skills of your leaders. It drives better results and creates sustained change because leaders unlock the master skill – learning how to learn. Right from the outset participants are introduced to the most important concept: the difference between active and reactive management. As they develop greater awareness, they feel more confident and demonstrate improved skills.

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Inspired by the successful physical first aid model, the now global programme was developed in Australia in 2000. It is grounded in expert consensus of industry professionals and people with lived experience of mental health problems. The learning outcomes are a vital skillset for anyone in a leadership position, particularly where prevention and early intervention is paramount to success.

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In the evolving landscape of workplace well-being, Mental Health Peer Support Services are emerging as a powerful tool to foster a supportive and inclusive environment. Our peer support booster programmes and Mental Health First Aid in Action (MHFA.IA), are designed to harness the strength of peer connections to enhance mental health awareness, provide space to practice and develop intervention skills, reduce stigma, and create a sense of belonging among employees. Sessions provide a secure environment for trained participants to practice and optimise skills and use relevant workplace situations and instructor led role-playing and coaching to ensure individuals are equipped and confident in the skills needed to hold effective mental health conversations.

The Power of Shared Experience

We recognise that employees often face various personal, life and professional challenges, and that navigating these struggles can be overwhelming. Our support programmes leverage the power of shared experience, providing a platform for employees to connect with colleagues who have faced similar situations and share insights and knowledge. This connection not only breaks down the isolation that often accompanies mental health issues but also fosters empathy and understanding within the workplace.

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Resilient leaders can better navigate challenges and setbacks. We provide 1:1 coaching sessions with skilled coaches from executive, business and clinical backgrounds to help leaders better understand their own psychological journey and their teams mental health. Sessions aim to improve distress tolerance, better manage stress, and provide tools for implementing change with a focus on people. These skills contribute to a supportive atmosphere where individuals can flourish even in challenging situations.

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Workplace Wellbeing Challenges

more likely to report bullying in workplaces with low psychological safety, and 5.8 x higher odds of resignation in the next 6 months.
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*Umbrella Wellbeing Report, March 2024

of employees worldwide say their job is the biggest factor influencing their mental health.
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 *Workforce Institute @UKG: 2023 Mental Health at Work: Managers and Money 2023

of people with mental distress or illness had concealed their mental distress from others .
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*Mental distress prejudice and discrimination in Aotearoa Key Statistics 2022

Challenge prejudice and discrimination.
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