What We Do

Our programmes and leadership support services address the holistic nature of mental health, considering physical, emotional, relational and spiritual wellbeing.

The skills and knowledge gained from our programmes lead to sustainable benefits for individuals, teams, and communities. It is these long-term benefits that influence positive intergenerational change.

Prioritise strategy and culture that promotes employee safety, wellbeing, creativity, innovation and performance.

Empower leaders and teams to create a safe environment where everyone can thrive, collaborate, and contribute.

Develop the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to foster personal and team mental wellbeing, empathy, and support.

Equipping adults with the skills and confidence needed to recognise and respond to a young person experiencing a mental health challenges.

Join the largest globally accredited mental health first aid training programme available; with over 5 million people certified worldwide.

Dynamic and knowledgeable keynote speakers that enhance your event and promote an empathetic and informed approach to workplace wellbeing.

Workplace Wellbeing Challenges

of respondents felt that current wellbeing resources adequately met organisational needs.
0 %

*ROW 2023 State of Workplace Wellbeing Report

of employees worldwide would prioritise good mental health over a high-paying job
0 %

*Workforce Institute @UKG: 2023 Mental Health at Work: Managers and Money 2023

47.4% don’t agree that the psychological wellbeing of staff is a priority in their workplace.
0 %

*Umbrella Wellbeing Report, March 2024

Embark on your journey of connection,
experience & wellbeing.

Other Ways We Can Support Your Organisation


Our training & development programmes enhance employee wellbeing, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. We cover subjects like building resilience, effective communication, and creating a mentally healthy work environment.


Our seminars & webinars bring mental health education to businesses, schools and communities. We believe that early education is key to fostering a generation that understands, empathises, and supports mental health.


We offer specialised training for People Leaders, Executive teams and professional coaches. These programs deepen expertise, enrich skills, and keep participants updated on the latest developments in the field.


Our user-friendly partner platforms provide access to a range of courses, resources, and tools. Learn at your own pace and expand your mental health knowledge at a time and place that works best for you and your team.


We understand that each organisation's needs are unique. Our services are tailored to fit your specific requirements.


By investing in mental health training and education, you're not only enhancing individual wellbeing but also contributing to a healthier, more compassionate society.