A Collectivist Approach to Mental Health

Taking care of collective mental health is the future of successful businesses and high performing teams.

Together let’s break down stigma, safeguard employee mental health and well-being and build psychologically safer workplaces for everyone.

Integration of mental health and well-being is a strategic decision that requires investment and commitment. The decision is not just about financial return, it is increasingly about Value Of Investment.

Taking care of collective mental health is the future of successful businesses and high-performing teams.

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Our Alignment & Commitment to Te Ao Māori

We recognise that individuals are part of a larger social network and that their mental health is influenced by their relationships with others. We strongly believe that in thriving collectivist organisational cultures, people are far better equipped support each other and are more likely to adopt, encourage and advance team based emotional intelligence initiatives.

Our collectivist approach also recognises the impact of cultural factors on mental health and is fundamental to creating a culturally safe workplace environment that respects diversity and promotes inclusion. With an emphasis on relationships, interconnectedness, communal well-being, and shared responsibility, we celebrate collaboration and human experience.

Te Ao Māori values we Respect and Embrace


Relationships and connections are vital and Whanaungatanga is about forming and maintaining relationships and strengthening ties between kin and communities. It is the essential glue that binds people together, providing the foundation for a sense of unity, belonging and cohesion.


Encourages a nurturing, supportive environment that uplifts everyone involved, fostering a sense of community and belonging through kindness and mutual respect. Manaakitanga has a strong emphasis on responsibility and reciprocity.


Listening with more than your ears and perceiving with all senses. Listening with intent and empathy and the will to understand. Whakarongoto prioritises the needs of the community over individual interests, a key factor we believe in improving Aotearoa’s intergenerational wellbeing.

These values play a part in strengtheing social networks and encourages individuals to adopt a Collectivist ethos of ‘I am well if the group is well’.

These values also provide the much need opportunity to weave cultural factors and influence into mental health initiatives which is fundamental in creating safe environments that respect and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Our collectivist approach is grounded in collaboration, interpersonal support, group involvement and psychological safety as key factors in promoting, achieving and maintaining positive mental health.

Mental illness is a growing global crisis and the
situation in New Zealand is no exception.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease study estimate that almost 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That’s one person every 40 seconds. In New Zealand, The Health promotion Agency (HPA) estimates that one in five people will suffer from medium to high levels of mental distress, and this statistic is trending upward.

Mental health is a complex personal, social and economic issue of concern for populations in every country. Modern society is presented with a myriad of stresses that can profoundly impact wellbeing, happiness, social participation, economic contribution and long-term life outcomes.

We believe that these complex issues require a robust, whole of system, stepped response inclusive of awareness, prevention, intervention, clinical care and postvention recovery support. HumanEx has a unique and focused role within the broader mental health sector, offering targeted and proven services that are complementary of other mental health and wellbeing efforts.

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